Obama Admin Loves Refugees Unless They’re Christian

The Democrat party claims to disavow any immigration restrictions based on religion, but has instituted a de facto ban on the acceptance of Christian refugees.

Of the 10,803 Syrian refugees Obama has brought over, only 56 are Christians.

Fifty-six! That is a ridiculously tiny number when considering 10 percent of all Syrians are reported to be Christians!

The numbers clearly show that the Obama Administration policy is one that discriminates against religious minorities seeking refugee status. Not just any religion…singularly they are against the Christian faith.

After all, there is no legislation prohibiting us from providing sanctuary for persecuted Christians fleeing ISIS. Especially, when by and large the people persecuted the most have been Christians in the middle east. Convert to Islam or die is the choice presented.

Given that choice, many Christians might choose a different choice. How about come to America? Not so fast, Obama’s America takes illegals,…

Ashleigh Diacogiannis

Ashleigh Diacogiannis

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