NYT Asks White Parents: “Are We Raising Racists?”

White guilt is like a monkey with an Uzi – both hilarious and dangerous. Writing for The New York Times, Jennifer Harvey, a religion professor, asks in her headline, “Are We Raising Racists?” But what she really means is, “Are White People Raising Racists?” Because according to her, we are not all equal. You see, “Parents of black and Latino children have long made thoughtful choices about when and how to engage in difficult and nuanced discussions about difference.”

Oh, okay. I’ll alert La Raza and Crown Heights.

Anyway, rather than give white children the healthy knowledge that in our shared humanity we are so much more alike than different, Ms. Harvey demands we teach white children to FOCUS on skin color:

Right now, then, it’s even more urgent that parents who rely on messages like “we’re all equal” or “we’re all the same underneath our skin” in the hope of teaching our children the values…



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