NYC Terror Suspect’s Migrant Family, TRASH The Police

The nerve of some people. First, the idiot terrorist that attacked NYC’s Port Authority on Monday came into our country on a stupid VISA – chain migration. Second, the NYC police don’t support Mayor deBlasio, but they do work hard to protect and defend the legal citizens of our country. Third, if it were up to Trump this ‘chain migration’ visa wouldn’t exist in the first place. But to insult our men and women in blue…..come on man!

On Monday, a wannabe terrorist from Bangleshi, Akayed Ullah was arrested after his homemade pipe bomb prematurely detonated. The dude tried to cause major damage to the NYC subway near the Port Authority, but it failed miserably! How did this scumbag enter the country, you ask? Through Obama’s so-called ‘chain migration’. The very program Trump has been trying to get rid of, no thanks to the Democrats.

As reported by Fox: “Department of



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