NYC Mayor DeBlasio Wants $2 Million For Deer Vasectomies

As if we needed any more proof that the Mayor of New York City, Bill DeBlasio is certifiable, this takes the cake.

In a move that can only called “state sponsored” birth control, DeBlasio has proposed spending $2 million to capture and give vasectomies to the Whitetailed Deer found on Staten Island.

Don’t even entertain this idea. Even if you are an anti-hunter this is pure folly if you know anything about male deer.

Let’s just say they blow $2 mill and successfully “capture and cut” 75% of the bucks. What do you think those remaining 25% are going to do?

You guessed it. Get busy.

The remaining bucks with balls will work overtime and impregnate every doe around. Anyone with a brain and any knowledge about population control of any species knows…that to control a population you have to control the females.

The number of females of birthing age…



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