NY Times Slams Trump Because Illegal Immigrants Are Staying Home

by Howard Portnoy

Most of the people who will read this post will be happy that illegal immigrants are staying home….unless of course they are on the left. This latest NY Times hit piece is an indication of how utterly distorted the Left’s worldview has become.

An article appearing in today’s New York Times has emblazoned across its top a photograph of a forlorn-looking man, sitting on the edge of a bed, his eyes downcast. Standing across the room from him is a young girl who looks sympathetically at the man — her father — as if to say, “It’s OK, Papa, maybe next year.”

The photo, commissioned by the Times, might have been meant to accompany a story about a child being denied a life-saving operation or something equally heart-rending. But it wasn’t. Here are the first few paragraphs of the article it does accompany:

His bags were packed, and the smuggler was ready. If all…



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