Nudes Of Mrs. Trump Hit The Internet- In The Spirit Of Fairness Pictures Of Bill?

To be clear…this is a tongue in cheek piece. Apply sarcasm now.

Politics is a rough and tumble game.

Everything from your past is fair game. So it should come as no surprise that nude photos from 25 years ago of Melania Trump were released onto the world.

The fact that it came from Rupert Murdoch controlled New York Post is another discussion. Does Rupert not like Trump or does he just like naked pictures? Hard to say.

As expected, Donald Trump took it in stride. His wife is stunningly beautiful, and the release of the photos makes her into the victim. A win/win for team Trump. He will probably rise in the polls with this latest attack.

In the spirit of fairness, would pictures of Hillary’s spouse have the same effect on her campaign?

If Mrs. Trump has compromising pictures out there and it helps the Trump campaign,…



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