NSA ‘Intercepts’ Are Undermining First Amendment Rights

By Conor Coughlin

On April 26, 2017, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court issued a scathing 99-page Opinion outlining the various schemes employed by the Obama Administration in a massive illegal spying operation targeting millions of Americans. This FISC opinion exposes the deliberate nature of the illegal surveillance of private citizens on American soil but fails to articulate the punitive nature of the ‘intercepts’ of signal communications on the First Amendment rights of the political opposition.

Fake News would have you believe that ‘intercepts’ involve the passive monitoring of foreign operatives, which may have accidentally targeted a few of your favorite Congress critters. In reality, ‘Intercepts’ are a whole different animal, designed specifically to obstruct the free flow of data, documents and opinions posted online by political opponents, not foreign intelligence operatives.

Back in October of 2016, Obama official informed the FISA court of illegal spying operation that violated all the



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