NRA’s LaPierre: ‘Opportunists wasted no time to exploit tragedy’

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre spoke Thursday to the Conservative Political Action Conference. (Screen capture, YouTube)

National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre took the microphone Thursday morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland to accuse the gun prohibition lobby of exploiting the tragedy of last week’s Florida high school shooting to advance their anti-gun agenda.

“Opportunists wasted not one second to exploit tragedy for political gain,” LaPierre said, adding that Capitol Hill gun control proponents have been “eager to smear” the 5-million member organization.

He criticized people who have argued that armed security makes schools less safe.

“The whole idea from some of our opponents that armed security makes us less safe is completely ridiculous,” LaPierre told the appreciative audience. “If that’s true – and just think about this – if armed security makes us less safe, let’s just go ahead and remove it from everywhere. Let’s remove it



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