NRA SLAMS Washington Post For Its Falsehoods & Left-Wing Bias

From the latest NRA video:

So here’s a suggestion for The Washington Post: Don’t worry about how many guns are in our videos. Worry about how many facts are in your articles. Because if gun owners abused our Second Amendment the way you abuse your paper and the First Amendment, our rights would have been taken away long ago. You people do more damage to our country with a keyboard than every NRA member combined has ever done with a firearm. 

Your paper’s new slogan may read “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” It should say, “Journalism Dies at The Washington Post.”

NRATV is very busy of late. They’ve been doing everything they can to rile up the Left and coalesce their supporters on the Right.

The latest offering of the NRA is a full-frontal assault on the left-leaning media and in particular the Washington Post.

The video showcases the voice…



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