North Korean Dictator’s Half Brother ASSASSINATED!

Southeast Asia has been on high alert in recent weeks due to deteriorating conditions within North Korea, a despotic regime headed by Kim Jong Un.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is believed to be behind the bizarre assassination of this half brother in Malaysia.

The isolated nation, known for its strict censorship of anything not of North Korean origin, has not only flexed its military muscle with blatantly illegal missiles tests, but have repeatedly threatened to eradicate any number of nations with its purported nuclear weapons.  Now, as the country comes to grips with its inability to maintain as isolated as possible, shocking news from Malaysia.

“North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was assassinated in Malaysia, the government reported.

“Kim Jong Nam, whose father was the late dictator Kim Jong Il, was killed on Monday at the Kuala Lumpar airport after two female ‘agents’ attacked him with…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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