NORTH KOREA BLASTOFF: Despot Launches Ballistic Missile

North Korea’s latest missile test flies in the face of international sanctions against the despotic country.

After promising, and subsequently failing to launch a nuclear weapon as a “surprise” for Donald Trump’s inauguration, North Korea has now launched an intermediate range ballistic missile in a show of force for a nation on the brink of destruction.

“The missile, which sources said landed in the Sea of Japan, was fired as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited President Trump in the United States.

‘North Korea’s most recent missile launch is absolutely intolerable. North Korea must fully comply with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions,’ Abe told a news conference at Palm Beach, Florida.

“North Korea is prohibited from carrying out ballistic missile launches under UN Security Council resolutions aimed in part at curbing the country’s development of nuclear weapons.”

While many in the liberal world have already begun a campaign of…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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