Nor’Easter Blowing Holes in Phony Climate Story


For every liberal activist who promotes a movie or book that perpetuates the hoax called “global warming” another dozen examples of their inaccuracy displays itself.

The global warming hoax has taken yet another hit as the northeast plunges into ridiculous snow storms and cold air.

Early 2017 has been an incredible time for those working on actual climate change science – and no, that does not include Leonardo DiCaprio.  Those brave souls who dare buck the liberal agenda regarding global warming need look no further than the northeastern United States this week.

“A storm producing blizzard conditions will continue in southeastern New England as temperatures plummet in the northeastern US into Thursday evening.

“The cold and snow is following the heels of record warmth that occurred in part of the Northeast on Wednesday.

“The storm began as a brief period of rain in some areas. However, as temperatures plummeted, a…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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