Nordstrom Facing Massive Boycott After…

Nordstrom is facing a massive backlash after their plans to scrap Ivan’s Trump’s brand from their stores.

Nordstrom’s controversial decision to detour into politics by pulling Ivanka Trump’s brand from their stores has a huge swath of American women planning to boycott the retailer, showing solidarity with the President of the United States.

“Nordstrom’s claimed that the Ivanka Trump brand wasn’t performing well, but industry insiders tell Breitbart News that’s just not accurate. Nordstrom’s decision to mislead the public on why they are stopping carrying the Ivanka Trump brand is part of the fury out there among its longtime customers, who tell Breitbart News they’re cutting up their Nordstrom’s cards and won’t shop at the store anymore. Some even say they plan to return all their recent purchases.

“’We’ve said all along we make buying decisions based on performance,’ Nordstrom’s press spokesperson told Fortune magazine last week. ‘In this case, based on…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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