Non-Traditional Polling Shows Trump Actually Winning

In many polls it appears that Hillary Clinton is leading the presidential race, but what if those polls are wrong?

A tech entrepreneur has been using an app to anonymously allow people to cast their support behind a candidate. The results might make Trump fans very happy.

Red Alert Politics:

In an interview with USA Today, the app’s creator Ric Militi said that the more than 100,000 daily users feel free to answer questions honestly, because they know they can’t be harassed or called racist.

“We’re not a poll, we’re a conversation,” he said. “We’re also 100 percent anonymous; people feel very comfortable being themselves and answering questions without being bullied or being called racists… there’s no fear or way to retaliate.”

Militi said Trump has a slight edge over Clinton, but nearly 20 percent of voters say they are either undecided, don’t care, or are not interested in voting.




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