NO SHAME – CNN Creates Anti-Trump Propaganda Film

CNN decided to put together an Anti-Trump video literally mocking his wall idea. They titled it “How a bill becomes a wall”.

Aren’t they a Non-Partial media source?

Apparently not.

The video was meant to be funny, but becomes more cautionary than humorous. It uses a cartoon bill and begins mocking Trump as an idiot and the wall idea as ridiculous. However, the video actually creates a case for eliminating about half of the government bureaucracies out there.

The video goes to great lengths to show just how hard, and how expensive, and how contentious, and ultimately impossible, a project like building a wall between the US and Mexico would be.

CNN literally creates a tutorial of all that is wrong with Washington.


If Trump wins, he will definitely be up against a wall, as he will literally be at war with his naysayers…



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