No Safe Spaces At This School, Just Knives And Fire

A new form of education is emerging and it’s all about knives, guns, and fire. Mike Fairclough is teaching his students to handle guns, knives, and cook and craft with fire. He believes that teaching children how to handle danger, instead of protecting them from it is the best form of education. He just might be on to something, because his school is now in the top 5% of school statistics nationwide.

In a world where “safe spaces” and “trigger phrases” are put into place to cushion the feelings of children, we need more schools like the one headed up by Mike Fairclough. He is the headteacher at the school and he believes giving children a “well rounded” education is the way to prepare them for the rest of their lives.

The school teaches the children how to handle sharp knives, saws, and air rifles. They also learn to…



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