Nike’s Pro-Hijab Line Receives Backlash

Nike launched their “Pro-Hijab” line, and announced that they will be releasing Muslim sportswear for women…..Would they really even be allowed to wear it though? Great job Nike, now the Muslim women can be oppressed in style. Great way to embrace it.

Many Americans are outraged at Nike’s decision to do so. One comment said:

“I am so angry right now I am going to try and explain how I feel without the emotion. As a woman, Nike has just belittled every single American woman who fights for equality in all areas of life. By endorsing the hijab, they are condoning anti-American values and folding to Muslim pressure. They forget where they got their start. It is an AMERICAN company. If Nike has gone so far to the left that they are putting the swoosh onto the hijabs, I will NEVER buy another product from them again. They just…



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