Nice Job Bunny Huggers: 200 Lions To Be Culled Due To “Cecil Effect”

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Most hunters understand things about conservation. They love to hunt animals and eat them. Conservation is a huge part of that. Herd health of the species being hunted is not lost even on your average North-American redneck hunter shooting white-tailed deer.

It’s definitely not lost on rich dentists who travel the world hunting exotic species. The massive amounts of money spent on that endeavor does so much to help the animals in the far reaches of the world, but it does even more for the usually poor people who live near the exotic animals.

It comes as no surprise, that after all the faux outrage about Cecil the Lion being killed that the truth of the lion situation is now made 10-fold worse by the bunny-hugging-liberals.

Thanks Ricky Gervais…you didn’t like Cecil being killed? Now 200 lions are being killed directly because of you. What you did by effectively demonizing that…



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