NFL’s Empty Seats Greatly Outnumber Fans Who Suffer Protests, Fights and Bad Football

It just gets worse and worse for the NFL and they’ve done it all to themselves. Game, after game, after game of football this last weekend saw more empty seats than fans in them.

There were kneeling protests, fights and scuffles, and really bad football. That’s not what the league needs to turn things around for themselves before they slip into the deep, black pit of bankruptcy. Over a dozen football players continued their protests over the weekend in their first tantrum since the Thanksgiving holiday. The protests may have continued, but so did the boycott.

We are talking thousands of empty seats in these stadiums. It’s catastrophic for NFL football and they could fix it easily. But the NFL won’t do that. At least ten teams protested America, the National Anthem, the flag, police officers, the military and first responders this weekend. Photos of mostly empty stadiums flooded the



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