NFL BLINKS: Trump Wins The NFL National Anthem War

On Tuesday morning led by its Commissioner, the NFL officially blinked giving President Trump a victory in the National Anthem War. While it helped, in the end, it wasn’t the sliding ratings or the drop in fan support that moved the league to put up the white flag but a Presidential tweet which said,  Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our AnthemFlag, and CountryChange tax law”  

That tweet prompted Roger Goodall, NFL Commissioner, to send out the following statement:

“We live in a country that can feel very divided. Sports, and especially the NFL, brings people together and lets them set aside those divisions, at least for a few hours. The current dispute over the National Anthem is threatening to erode the unifying power of our game, and is now dividing us, and our players, from many fans across the country.

“I’m very proud of our players and



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