New York University Study Concludes Liberals Are Delusional!

A study was carried out by researchers at New York University that discusses how to turn a conservative into a liberal.

Researchers found that when conservative people imagine they have superpowers, their views become more liberal.

Serious folks. In the past, studies showed that the easiest way to turn a liberal into a conservative was to get them to understand the realities of life. But to do the reverse, you must get people to think delusional thoughts.

The Daily Mail explains:

In the study, participants were asked to imagine that they had been given a superpower by a genie that made them invincible. With the superpower, even a ‘fall from a cliff wouldn’t hurt at all’, Professor Bargh writes.

A control group was told that they could fly.

The participants were then asked their opinion on political statements including if they ‘would be reluctant to make any large-scale



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