New Technology Could Bring Big Brother to The Atmosphere


The globalist elite of the planet have long strived to create an unescapable surveillance state that could integrate the entire population of earth.

Soon, BAE systems could be using the earth’s atmosphere to spy on its citizens.

While cameras are already being installed on virtually every street corner, and social media entities such as Facebook are attempting to create mind-reading technology, one company is taking to outer space in an attempt to turn our entire atmosphere into one large magnifying glass, specifically for the purpose of spying on the worldly inhabitants underneath.

BAE Systems are designing a directed energy laser system that could allow military commanders to spy on enemy activities from space.

“BAE believe that within 50 years, one of their aircraft could use an ‘atmospheric lens’ to observe people from very long distances using the Earth’s atmosphere as a tool.

“The lasers temporarily change the Earth’s atmosphere into magnifying glass…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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