New Study Adds To Body Of Evidence That Network News Is Anti-Trump

As soon Donald Trump entered the race 2016, it became clear that the usually anti-GOP network news would accelerate their bias when it came to Donald Trump. After all, he is a Washington outsider who doesn’t follow the long established rules for a candidate and president, and he has a disregard for the politically correct nonsense of the day. The MRC which has been tracking the anti-Trump bias has released new data proving the network news teams were acting as expected.

Before and since he was elected Trump has duked it out with reporters, outlets, and spin-doctors alike, with instantaneous lightning bolts of reality being fired directly from his massively powerful Twitter account.  In return, the mainstream media turned up the heat exponentially, lambasting the Commander in Chief in new and reprehensible ways.  To put it lightly, it was an onslaught.

Trump was suddenly endowed with a thousand new,



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