New Study: 40 Somethings Should Work Less Than 40 Hours a Week

Looking for your keys? Did you just walk into a room and forget why? Can’t remember the name of that guy you met at the networking lunch last week?

While George Carlin famously said these moments make you think “Alzheimer’s Disease” recent research has a different answer. If you are over 40 and still working 80 hours a week, it turns out your work schedule may be to blame.

The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics has been conducting a long term research project called the Household Income and Labor Dynamics Australia assessment. Ongoing since 2001 it has measured dozens of facets of family life, the labor market and overall wellness. One study challenges the common advice “Use it or Lose it” when it comes to preserving overall mental acuity as we age.

While many studies have looked at the link between retirement and cognitive function, this study examined how the…



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