New poll shows ‘sharp partisan divide’ on media trust

ABC’s embarrassing acknowledgement that reporter Brian Ross got a story about Michael Flynn wrong doesn’t help the public trust the media. (Screen capture, You Tube, BNO)

On the heels of an embarrassing acknowledgement by ABC News that reporter Brian Ross got a story about President Donald Trump and Michael Flynn horribly wrong, a new poll by the Poynter Institute “found a sharp partisan divide on the media,” according to AFP and Yahoo News.

While the story tried to put a positive spin on the survey results, noting that “Americans’ overall trust in the news media has increased since the election of Donald Trump despite a rise in those who believe the president’s claims of “fake news,’” the numbers show more people still distrust the media.

Here’s what AFP reported:

“In the survey, 12 percent said they have a ‘great deal’ of trust and confidence and an additional 37



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