New Jersey Cop Is A Disgrace To His Badge

A Disgrace Of The Badge Turns To Suicide (Image: MGN)

An ex-New Jersey Police Officer shot himself  Saturday night while being pursued by police officers on the New Jersey Turnpike.  Franklin Osgood, 61, had been reported missing by one of his children earlier that day. When police searched Osgood’s car they discovered the body of his 55-year old wife in the trunk. It’s not known where he was headed but it was clear that he had killed her.

The once police officer, Franklin Osgood – 61, led New Jersey police on a wild goose-chase Saturday night that ended in terror.

It started late Saturday when a trooper saw Osgood on the New Jersey Turnpike and tried to pull him over. That’s when the chase began, however, it was not long lived. Osgood, while in the heat of pursuit shot himself. This caused him to lose control of the vehicle and crash…



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