New Hillary Clinton Art Exhibit In L.A.

New Hillary Clinton Art Exhibit In L.A. (Image: MGN)

A Los Angeles-based street artist, Sabo, has been posting a new art piece around the city that has been dubbed “money laundering.” The piece shows Leonardo DiCaprio and Hillary Clinton spinning around in a washer and dryer, with hundred dollar bills spinning around with them. Apparently, Sabo tried to post one up outside Leo’s home in Los Angeles but he was quickly stopped by security.

One of the things Los Angeles is known for is it’s street art. “Artists” of all shapes and sizes take their politically filled art pieces to the streets of the city and hang them, or post them, up at street corners and crowded intersections.

Well, there is a new “art piece” in town and Hillary Clinton is the inspired muse of the piece. Street artist Sabo has turned Hillary Clinton’s charitable foundations into an artistic expression…



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