New Cold War Gets Even Colder in The Arctic


Tensions between Russia, the United States, and the world at large are all beginning to rise as the globalists fall victim to a Trump-centric panic.

Russia is pushing forward into the Arctic with icebreaking vessels, signaling the beginning of a New Cold War.

The latest piece of evidence that we are entering into a New Cold War with Russia comes to us from one of the coldest places on the planet, The Arctic Circle, where the Russians are spending a peculiar amount of time and resources in recent weeks.  The move, reminiscent of previous jostling for territory up north decades ago, has many believing that the Russians are up to no good.

“The nuclear icebreaker Lenin, the pride and joy of the Soviet Union’s Arctic great game, lies at perpetual anchor in the frigid water here. A relic of the Cold War, it is now a museum.


Andrew West

Andrew West

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