New Baby Trump Is Already Making A Name For Himself!

There’s a new addition to the Trump family, and he’s already making a name for himself with eyecatching hair.

Eric “Luke” Trump was born on Sept. 12 to Eric and Lara Trump.

His claim to fame so far? His tufted, blond hair that’s oddly reminiscent of his grandfather’s famous, unruly locks.

From Conservative Tribune:

Fox News interviewed Eric and Lara Trump shortly after the birth of their baby and of course, little Luke’s hair was the center of attention.

“He’s a great baby, he really does not cry that much, he’s so sweet… and he has a lot of hair,”  Lara Trump said.

“Apparently he has more hair than most babies,” she continued.

“The Trump hair,” her husband agreed.

Check out some of these photos of Luke from Lara Trump’s Instagram:

This picture shows a pensive Luke with his signature blond hair upright in the wind:

OK! Does anyone else besides me think this



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