Never Forget – Today Is D-Day

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The attack launched on Normandy Beach in France marked one of the most heroic efforts ever undertaken.

It led to the defeat of Hitler. If any war was clearly for the defeat of evil and the freedom of a region, WWII was it.

Never forget D-Day. A proud day when America sacrificed heavily for freedoms sake.

From The Daily Signal:

Stop your average American on the street and ask them “what happened on June 6?” Surprisingly—a few might recall that on a dreary morning while the low-tide lapped lazily on the rocky coast of Normandy, France, brave men in battle armor no thicker than a khaki shirt grimly headed toward Hitler’s Atlantic wall.

There is nothing special to mark the 72nd anniversary of the D-Day invasion during World War II. Nothing special—other than the men themselves.

That 18-year-old struggling up the steep bluffs of Omaha Beach while tracer rounds…



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