Nevada Liberals Pushing Bill to Add Libraries to Gun Free Zones

To many people, the very mention of Nevada brings visions of gambling and liberalism. However, that is not necessarily an accurate portrayal of state.

Yes, former Senator Harry Reid, one of the wildest liberals that led Senate Democrats, was from Nevada, but the state has also had a Republican in the US Senate since January 2001. Sadly, all three of Nevada’s US Representatives are liberal Democrats. The state is a mixed bag with Democrats controlling the state senate (11 Dems, 9 GOP, 1 I), and the state House (27 Dems to 15 GOP). However, every bill they pass has to go to the Governor’s desk which at the moment is held by Brian Sandoval, a Republican.

We’ve had friends that lived in Nevada and they say that once you get away from downtown Las Vegas, Reno and Tahoe, the rest of the state is filled with normal American families, many…



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