Net Neutrality Is Dead And That’s GOOD; But Liberals Are FREAKING

The battle over Net Neutrality may present the clearest example of the difference between liberals and conservatives out there today.

It is the difference between individual liberty and government control of almost every aspect of our lives.

Liberals support the government takeover of the Internet by way of the unaccountable FCC, a group of unelected officials who manage the federal rules related to most broadcasting (radio, TV, internet, etc) issues.

Liberals believe that this government takeover of the Internet is the only way to “keep the internet” fair and free. It’s a load of hogwash, but that’s what they argue.

Here’s the general fear they are pushing on average Americans – if you don’t support Net Neutrality then internet companies, like Comcast or Cox, are going to start charging you outrageously high prices to use specific websites.

Twitter: $14.99/month
Snapchat: $9.99/month
Youtube: $19.99/month
Netflix: $9.99/per movie
Google: $1.99/per search

If you don’t want to pay



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