NBC News Moves to Snapchat With Daily Newscast Titled ‘Stay Tuned’

Lester Holt gets 20-plus minutes to bring his viewers the latest headlines on “NBC Nightly News.” The NBC News anchor team delivering a new broadcast via Snapchat will get only a fraction of that.

Savannah Sellers and Gadi Schwartz will, starting Wednesday, help deliver “Stay Tuned,” a new 2-to-3-minute newscast that is slated to run twice each weekday and once a day on weekends on the social-media outlet.

It’s the medium’s first daily program, and the first to guarantee to viewers that it will add special editions when breaking news warrants. Its debut is the latest effort by traditional TV-news outlets to make sure their chief product – video news reports – remain relevant to a rising generation that is more prone than ever to seek out information and entertainment from non-traditional screens.

The program is “crucial,” says Nick Ascheim, senior vice president of digital at NBC News and MSNBC,…



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