Nazi Antifa Member Attacks Conservative Journalist [VIDEO]

Rebel Media’s Jack Pobosiec was attacked in Washington D.C. by a crazed Antifa protester.  Unlike Berkeley, the police were not ordered to stand down by the extremist mayor and they quickly pounced on the snowflake and placed him under arrest.  The Antifa cupcakes in the area told the police that the punk didn’t attack Pobosiec, but since they themselves witnessed the attack, that got them nowhere.  Then the snowflake Antifa Nazi claimed that Pobosiec called him a “ni**er” which is interesting since he’s white and also because the entire incident was recorded and no such thing was ever said.

 Earlier today, Posobiec took to Twitter stating he was “about to go interview some Antifa.” (Yesterday)

Upon arriving there, Posobiec apparently began filming. His video, subsequently uploaded to Twitter, shows Antifa members accusing…



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