Navigating the Birds and the Bees with the Gender Unicorn

As students across the country head back to school over the next few weeks, most of them will be will be greeted with a reassuring

“Good morning boys and girls!”

However, in some select school districts, students will instead be greeted with a cacophony of alternative designations.

In Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Schools (CMS), “boys” and “girls” has been retired in favor of “students” and “scholars”.

Teachers are to address “scholars” by whatever pronouns fit their fancy. Indeed, not even grammar is immune to this sweeping, new policy change.

So-called “non-binary transgendered individuals” are to be referred to as “they” (instead of “he” or “she”).

The confusion does not stop there.


Per the CMS policy, the official school transcript will reflect the name and sex of the scholar as reflected on his/her/their official birth certificate. All other records will reflect the personal choices of…



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