NAACP President caught selling drugs and his soul

Timothy Miles, President of a local Indiana chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and a bus transit system director, was arrested this past week for drug dealing.

Inner city poverty and crime is rampant. Families of all races and colors are being decimated. Racial tensions are at record highs and the country is more divided than ever. Mr. Miles held not one, but two positions of influence and esteem, yet he chose to espouse a secret life as the worst of the worst stereotypes for his community.

“I’m begging you, please don’t arrest me, my career and life is over … I gave her the cocaine. I did not take any money. I am a user, not a dealer.”

Miles sold drugs to the informant three different times. Once was in a park near children and another time he asked for…



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