Muslim Slaughters Innocent Gays In The Name of Allah – Democrats Answer Is Ban Scary-Looking Guns

Liberals don’t think critically or otherwise, they suffer from “Group-think”. It is surprising for such an educated bunch. They are zombies, bound to an issue like Captain Ahab to Moby Dick.

Here’s the play. Psycho opens fire and kills innocent people. The left instantly mobilizes to enact gun control. Gun control is a loser of an issue for the liberals. No matter how hard they try…Americans love guns. They love to protect themselves with weapons and they like the Second Amendment.

The only hope a liberal has is in the emotional wake of a tragedy, many people don’t think clearly. Time is critical, so they act fast.

That play has been repeated time and again. This tragedy was no exception.

The calls for new gun legislation came before the police were done counting the empty casings. In the words of Rahm Emanuel…

You never want a serious crisis go…



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