Muslim Immigrant Rapes and Strangles Elderly Woman After Church

As a 90-year-old German woman left church, she was approached by a teenage Muslim migrant. He was looking for money, and when he didn’t get it, he got angry and not only raped the elderly woman, but he also strangled her as well.

Thankfully the woman did not die, but she needed hospital attention after the trauma she experienced.

Pamela Geller reports:

Dusseldorf court convicted 19-year-old defendant under juvenile law on Friday
Victim was dragged into a courtyard outside church in Dusseldorf and raped
The Moroccan-born man was identified only as Souhayl M.
Prosecutors earlier claimed he confronted her and shouted ‘money, money!’

By Dave Burke and Harvey Day For Mailonline, 1 April 2017:

The Dusseldorf state court convicted the 19-year-old defendant under juvenile law Friday of rape, robbery and bodily harm, it was reported.

The victim was attacked in Dusseldorf on a Sunday in October last year just after…



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