Music star: Hillary’s ego covers ‘south wall of Grand Canyon’

Hillary Clinton, the twice-failed presidential hopeful, spends her time these days promoting her books and attributing blame for her stunning loss in the 2016 presidential race to anyone but herself.

One of the many Americans who has tired of her complaints is hall of fame country-rock music superstar Charlie Daniels, who at 81 still carries a full load of touring and recording duties.

On his website Soap Box he offered his opinion of the onetime secretary of state for Barack Obama.

“Her cavalier ‘What difference at this point does it make?’ attitude toward the debacle in Benghazi put her about two rungs above Jane Fonda with those who passionately support the military and her Russian reset button was the equivalent of fiddling while Rome – I mean The Ukraine – burned,” he wrote.

“Her recent insult to all women who don’t think like her and her elitist opinion of anybody



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