MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Her Guest Have Warped Conversation About Christianity and Israel [Video]

[VIDEO] It was on “AM joy” on MSNBC where Joy Reid displayed a complete lack of the understanding of a Biblical Israel. In the same breath, she manages to cast aspersions upon Christianity as well. She equates her understanding to what Christians expect from Revelation prophecies to a novel. 

You can catch it all in this video.

As Written By Julia Nista for the Daily Caller:

Joy Reid compared Christian beliefs to “something out of a novel” Saturday on MNSBC’s “AM Joy.”

“That sounds like something out of a novel. Is it true that there are people who really believe that having Israel unified under, I mean having Jerusalem unified under total Israeli control will bring on the end times?” Joy Reid asked.

“Why yes Joy, you know I come from a fundamentalist Evangelical background and I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, I’m 65, and when I was a child



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