MSNBC Host Touts Incredibly Ignorant Trump Theory


The attacks by the left’s plethora of pundits on President Trump have grown to the level of mass absurdity this week.

MSNBC has turned absurd in their ultra-liberal coverage of Donald Trump.

One of the most ridiculous and asinine pieces of “journalism” making its way into the mainstream this week comes to us from notorious democratically-leaning “news” station MSNBC.  One host, lashing out blindly and unprofessionally floated one of the most insane theories regarding Donald Trump ever committed to the airwaves.

“MSNBC took its fear mongering smears of the Donald Trump administration to a dark new low Monday afternoon when reporter Katy Tur suggested the president’s war with the media would start racking up actual casualties. During an interview with Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican, Tur suggested Trump would take a page from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s playbook and start targeting journalists for death.

 “’As we know, there’s,…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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