MSM’s Trying To Turn Ambush Of Green Berets In Niger Into ‘Trump’s Benghazi’

The problem for mainstream media trying to turn every combat death on Trump’s watch into “Trump’s Benghazi” is not that other observers — whether Trump partisans or not — aren’t consistent.  It’s that other observers are consistent.

It’s also that many observers tend to know more about military operations; enough, at least, to understand that the ambush attack on Special Forces in Niger, on 4 October, is different from the terror attack in Benghazi because everything about the two incidents…is different.

The leftist media have been trying to drum up a chant that the deaths of four Army Special Forces soldiers in Niger is no-kidding-this-time Trump’s Benghazi.  Here’s Salon from last week:

Republicans were quick to accuse the Obama administration of crafting a faulty political narrative in the aftermath of Benghazi. Fox News told its viewers for years that Obama may have “sacrificed Americans” as part of a “political calculation” to



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