MSM Still Clueless About Clinton’s Ukraine Collusion & Secret Recipes

Perhaps this is why no one trusts the mainstream media anymore? Conservative media (including this site) has been reminding people for the last week about the Politico story from back in January that PROVED (with named sources, comments, and evidence) that the Clinton campaign colluded with Ukraine to damage the Trump presidential effort.

Here at The Lid, we covered it as recently as Monday morning, the day before Trump Jr, released the emails setting up the Russian lawyer meeting. The original Ukraine story was broken by Politico reported in January.

But as mentioned earlier this week, the MSM needs a Trump “scandal” to overreact about . Therefore:

“The MSM is trying to convince the country that Donald Jr. not only knew he was meeting with a Russian spy but also colluded with her to damage the Clinton effort. Soon they will probably claim that at the same Junior provided the Russkies some of America’s greatest secrets such…



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