Mother Enraged After TSA Pat Down…Watch! (Video)

OOoooooo. This Does not look good.

I would be outraged if I was this boy’s mother as well! She clearly asks them not to pat him down due to his sensory disorder, and he passed through a metal detector without a problem.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is defending an officer’s pat-down of a boy at a Texas airport that outraged his mother and thousands and thousands of people who viewed her Facebook posting on the incident.

First, the TSA officer explains to the boy what’s coming. Then the TSA officer, who is wearing blue gloves, moves behind the kid and starts with a search of the kid’s left shoulder. Nothing there. Then the right shoulder. Nothing there, either. The kid’s only wearing a T-shirt after all….But it gets much worse! The TSA officer moves to the kid’s lower extremities…

[embedded content]

Was this too much? Did…



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