More Evidence of Hillary Clinton / CNN Collusion Emerges!


Throughout the 2016 election, whistleblower website Wikileaks worked their knuckles to the bone in an effort to reveal the truth about Hillary Clinton and the democrats.

The latest release from Wikileaks show even greater levels of collusion between CNN and the Clinton campaign than previously exposed.

During their campaign of sordid information, the website did a massive amount of damage to Clinton’s character and integrity, ultimately shaking the confidence of undecided voters before the November 8th general election.  Now, months later, even more evidence of collusion between CNN and Clinton has emerged.

“An email released by WikiLeaks on Sunday shows that the husband of CNN vice president and [deputy] Washington bureau chief Virginia Moseley tipped the Clinton campaign off to a favorable poll just before its release last September.

“’Good CNN poll coming,’ Thomas Nides, Moseley’s husband, wrote to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in a Sept. 20, 2015 email.



Andrew West

Andrew West

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