Moore May Have Proved His Innocence With Move Investigators Were Watching For

Questions have been swirling social media ever since Gloria Allred produced a yearbook and an accuser that stated Roy Moore assaulted her.

Liberals thought it was all over but the eventual admission.

After all, here was a complimentary remark Moore was supposedly making to a teenager — a remark that could well be read as flirtatious or even suggestive, considering that it became part of an accusation of sexual assault making national headlines almost 40 years later. And here was Moore’s signature on that remark, as clear as day.

However, at a news conference Wednesday, Moore’s attorney Philip Jauregui made a move that could show Moore’s innocence of Nelson’s charge.

According to the ‘Washington Examiner’, Jauregui demanded that Nelson and her team turn over the infamous yearbook for forensic examination.

“We demand that you immediately release the yearbook to a neutral custodian,” Jauregui said, “so that we can see



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