Modern Day Black Panthers Fight For Segregation

The Black Panthers Are Back (Image: Reference)

The Black Panther Party has returned but now they want their own “nation within a nation.” The Huey P. Newton Gun Club, founded by the newest leader of the Black Panthers, Babu Omowale, was the black militant group that Micah Johnson, the Dallas gunman, followed. The Huey P. Newton Gun Club website claims they want to “develop over time to a regimented Black Army.”

Guess who’s back in black.

Babu Omowale, the national minister of defense for the People’s New Black Panther Party, has come forward with an interesting statement. 

What does the New Blank Panther Party want now? They are looking at establishing their “own government in a nation within a nation.” That’s right. It looks like Texas isn’t alone in wanting  to separate (and yet joined) from the United States.

Omowale recently did an interview with the AM radio talk show “Aaron Klein…



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