Millennials Are Saying No To Sex – Who’s To Blame…The Internet or Feminists?

Millennials are not messing around?

According to a recent study the next generation of Americans are perhaps playing more Pokemon than anything else.

What in the world is going on or not going on in the sex lives of Millennials?

Apparently, it is a combination of feminism taking its toll and perhaps the inability to make deep relationships. The Twitter generation may be out of luck when it comes to sex.

Look for a population drop soon. Not good.

From Red Alert Politics:

Millennials as a whole are pretty square when it comes to sex. They have far fewer sexual partners than Baby Boomers and Generation X.

For the first time in decades, most high schoolers are virgins and just 11.5 percent of them admit to having four or more sexual partners, down from nearly 19 percent in the early 90s according to the Center for Disease Control.




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