Mike Rowe Gives Hater A Lesson She’ll Never Forget After Demanding He Be Fired

If you have ever been around a television you have either seen or heard Mike Rowe. You may remember him in the series called Dirty Jobs.  You have heard him narrate the episodes of Dangerous Catch. He is also a narrator for How the Universe Works. It is this last job that a liberal critic wants him fired from.

If you have ever seen and heard Mr. Rowe in his other endeavors, you know that he is always calm and is quite the wordsmith. A critic does not like him on this scientific show and even more so she hates what she sees as his political viewpoint. Mike gives her a science lesson about the universe and what we do and do not know. Spoiler alert. Read through Mike’s dissertation and DO NOT miss the put down at the very end. It is worth the whole read for the effect.

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