Mike Pence Hates One Thing… Gun Control

Mike Pence’s Best Moments Against Gun Control (Image: MGN)

Mike Pence has been a constant advocate for the right to bear arms, and he has made giant strides to make sure it stays a right. Over the past 13-years, he has been signing bills and backing legislation to get rid of ridiculous gun control. He has been pushing the right of the 2nd Amendment since before he was the Governor of Indiana and he won’t stop doing it if he becomes the Vice President.

There are a lot of things that make Mike Pence a strong Vice President pick for Donald Trump, but one of the best ones is his stance against gun control. His past is filled with fights against gun control. It would take forever to list all of them, but here is a handful that might make you look differently at Mike Pence.


In 2003 Pence…



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